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Wind Energy Sector

Large components up to 80 T and 10 MW

The Company Nordmark

Nordmark was established in 2002 on the back of a long-standing experience and expertise in the machining industry.

After a number of years of strong growth, Nordmark occupies a unique position in the market and today employs approx. 100 people. Currently, we are able to deliver all processes, from the receiving of raw materials and development of tooling to the complex machining and surface treatment of parts, with delivery to any location in Europe, should our customers so require. Throughout all these stages, our work is carried out to the highest quality standards.

Our achievements to date are based on our philosophy that, every day, we must do everything possible to live up to our customers high-quality demands and expectations. We do so by basing our operations on well known and practiced traditional skills, whilst using cutting-edge technology. However, we do not consider ourselves to be merely a supplier, but to a large extent we also see ourselves as a sparring partner and consultant to our customers.